Laser Spirograph

This laser spirograph is constructed from a 5v red laser module, 2 DC motors salvaged from printers, mirrors cut from hard driver platters, 3d printed mounts, and an Arduino Pro Mini which varies the speed of the two motors using PWM and random sinusoidal waveforms.  The case is laser cut from 1/8″ birch plywood.

Aurora Borealis Light Boxes

These LED light boxes were developed as an experiment in product design and development.  I have designed two variants.  One works with 3x AA batteries, the other uses a 5v 2A plug-in power supply.  The objective was to design a product from start to finish in a way that could be manufactured at home on a small scale, and sold in craft and art venues.

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Creating an animated LED light wall with Raspberry Pi, Python, and APA102

This project was another large window installation for the Urban Art project in Great Falls, Montana.  I wanted to create something with LEDs that would have visual impact similar to the 1 meter POV displays, but with no moving parts. Continue reading Creating an animated LED light wall with Raspberry Pi, Python, and APA102

MicroPython on Wemos D1 Mini

Wemos D1 Mini clone

I’ve been experimenting with MicroPython 1.9.3 on some Wemos D1 Mini boards I have.  I suspect they’re clones, but seem to work fine.  My project is to port a MQTT data logging temperature and light sensor that I created in Arduino a while back.  I’ve encountered a few details that might be helpful to others. Continue reading MicroPython on Wemos D1 Mini